Thursday, December 30, 2010

Project Intuition Quilt Challenge

I have decided to do the challenge project with the 15 minutes of play blog. Here are my pictures so far. I think I added too many pictures all at once and the up loader is being a bit slow. While we are waiting, here is the story. As you know I have been cleaning off the top of my cutting table so I can actually use it if I want. I have been cutting larger pieces of scrap fabric from leftover quilts into squares ranging from one inch to 5 inches. (see last post) ooh, yea! pictures have loaded. The one below is of most of the leftover scraps and strings from a pile off the cutting table. You might recognize some of the fabrics from previous quilts. I used the bits and pieces to make these blocks to put up on the wall along with some 9 patch blocks from several, several years ago. I know, the picture isn't the best, but you can kind of see some pinwheels, logs and those 9 patches along with a house and some other things all put together from the scraps. After sewing some of the one inch strings into log cabins (see on the wall) I took what was left over and made the blocks in the next picture and kept putting them together and finished the day with what is on the arm of my sewing machine. Now, don't think that I have been doing all this in one day. No way! It has been a totally space out project. Matter of fact, I had all the blocks on the wall 4 or 5 days before Victoria made her challenge. After reading it, I decided that this is what I am going to do with all those blocks. So, then the below blocks came into being.

I have played off and on for the last two days making a little and leaving it on the wall or small table then coming back and making a little more. Just playing around with what I have in my pile. I put some of it together at lunch today and put it on the wall, moved items around and then just walked away.

I liked some of it like the log cabins down the side, but not all that white. I know that it is going to need some more white somewhere so the initial white of that pinwheel doesn't stand out so much, but not all together like I have it on the wall there. This evening I went back into my studio and looked at the wall and just took the blocks down and played some more. Another house, another 9 patch something else on point. That's the ticket. More and more and voila here is what I have on the wall when I finished tonight.

I kind of like this one. I am going to have to sleep and let this one simmer for awhile on the wall and see where we go from here. I may have to pull out more scraps from the large tub and see what needs to be added. Working on this reminded me of when I worked on another quilt - one of my favorites. It is made in this same vein. I will blog about it in the near future. For now, my brain has been pieced to numbness and I must go see what the boys have gotten into while I sewed away.


  1. It's looking GREAT! are you able to post this at the 15 minute site? I can send you the invite if your not on it already... I like the decisions you've made! very nice!

  2. Whoopie - that is terrific. Look forward to seeing more and more.