Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long Time Coming

You know it's been a long time since you last blogged when you can't even remember your password to log into blogger.  I tried three times, then asked for help, tried again, asked to re-set my password and finally, finally I got in.  (I wrote it down so the next time I can have a bit of help remembering)  I know I turned 50 this year, but this is ridiculous.  I couldn't even spell ridiculous correct and had to look it up.  Maybe it's just because I am tired.  I was on the computer earlier playing Words With Friends and was nodding off.  I should have gone and gotten in bed right then, but I think 6:30 is a bit early to go to bed if your not an infant. 

In the missing time from the blog, I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.  NOTHING!!  I have been a lazy slug.  (well, not all the time - more on that in a bit) I look in my quilt studio and then walk on by.  I have even, on some occasions, gone and sat at my chair, but have yet to produce more than a couple of pillow cases.  I think I am avoiding working on something, but once I figure it out I will snap out of this funk and continue on.  Maybe it's . . . no, nothing is coming to me.  Oh, well.  I need to get things together for this weekends meeting/workday with the Bee Friends Quilt Group so I can't continue on much longer in this slumpy mess.  I did work on finishing up the top for my modern8create challenge (I am not a member - just used their challenge to challenge myself.  I think I will quilt it and enter it in the botanical conundrum challenge for the Ogallala retreat.  (so, no, I will not show it yet)  (the retreat is toward the end of September so you don't have long to wait)  That may be what I am avoiding.  I don't know how I want to quilt it yet and am stewing that in my head.  Along with about 10 other things so it's a big jumble up there.  Speaking of which, anyone know a great recipe for a marinated vegetable sandwich?  Or what about wonderful sandwich recipes - vegetarian or not.  Our first opening for the restaurant is in a couple of weeks and I haven't decided on a menu yet.  (haven't even gotten the students in the kitchen yet)  Lots of things going on, just haven't made the time to sew.  Maybe if I do that, everything else will come together.  I will plan on getting into the studio tomorrow night and see what happens.  If nothing else, I have a few movies I need to watch. 


  1. Finally, your're back! (Please notice how I spelled the two words meaning "you are." Just a suggestion given with love!) :)

  2. I guess I was a lot tireder (more tired) than I thought. I even had to read it through twice tonight to find my mistake. Thanks for the correction.