Sunday, September 16, 2012

Snowman Stocking

 I finished my stocking for the stocking swap today.  I used batting for the snowman and the flower on the hat.  I put black buttons for his/her eyes and a burgundy one for the center of the flower.  I did not use any type of adhesive for this applique.  I just pinned it on and sewed around everything.  I used perle cotton for the hand stitched mouth and arms.  I couldn't find my black perle cotton so I used a dark navy blue thread for those areas. 

I think I will make another copy of the pattern for this stocking and stick it inside the stocking so whoever gets it can make a matching one if they want or use the pattern anyway they like.  This went together really fast and easy.  I cut out the stocking front and back, cut some batting to go with it and quilted the two together with a wide crosshatch.  Then I added the snowman and all of his/her accessories.  Cut some lining and a hanging tab and it is all done.  Not much time, but great results.  

One of the projects marked off the list. Now for the ornament - I think I know what I am going to make for this one and might already have one made - just have to look around the studio to see if I can find it or not. I may have already given it away. I did find a couple of older ornaments I made many, many years ago and I might use one of those to go in this swap. Then I don't have to make anything another one and can move on to the journal cover and making another set of pillow cases.  (hey, I have a set already made up I can use if I run out of time!!  Pluses all around) 

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  1. I have 8 goodies finished for the swap but I'm not sharing anything until Santa delivers them in December. This has been a fun experience, thank you again for organizing it.