Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sewing in the Rain

This is the view out my window this morning.  I am sitting here with the window open listening to the rain coming down, the ducks quacking away and the sound of traffic driving through rain soaked streets.  Thank goodness the rain is coming from another direction and I am able to have the window open.  The picture looks a little blurry, but that is because I am taking it through the screen.  It really is a beautiful sight.  The park is once again decked out in thousands of American flags in remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  That one flag that is all stretched out is caught on the little tree and it made me smile this morning so I thought I would share it with you. 

I slept in a bit this morning and then hit a couple of estate sales around 10.  (I love half price Saturdays!) Yesterday I got a small Le Crueset skillet they had already marked down and spotted a cut glass serving tray however, I didn't want to pay the full price of it.  I had planned on getting there early this morning to get it for half, but I slept in.  I did get some other great cut glass/crystal pieces to use as serving pieces for the restaurant. I have quite a collection now since I added four more trays, a wonderful heavy bowl and a crystal (yes, real crystal) candy dish.  I also scored on some unopened ink pads for rubber stamping.   I don't do much of that anymore, but I do like to make some cards from time to time and a lot of my ink has dried up.  I am hoping this ink is fresh since it is still shrink wrapped.  However, for a couple of dollars for about 8 packages, I couldn't pass it up.  Below is the my spiderweb quilt.  I will be working on adding an outer border this morning - okay, this afternoon.  Didn't realize it was already after 12.   I am thinking I will add a piano key border using my leftover strips - I still have a full box of multiple size strips that I cut over 12 years ago for a Fons and Porter Crazy Cabin quilt and this is my third or fourth quilt I have made from that box of strips.   When I bring the box to our Bee meetings and work on a strip quilt, my friends come and dig through the box and take what they want and then add more strips to my stash.  It's fun to pull out a fabric and wonder where it came from since I know I didn't buy that fabric.  I have boxes that are designated to 1 1/2", 1 3/4" and 2 1/2" only, but in this box, I have from 1" to 4" strips.  I don't worry about the width when I am working on a strip/string quilt.  I just use whatever I pull from the box. 

My friend, Molly, introduced me to one of her quilts that is string pieced and I am going to start this week.  However, I want it to be in some of the modern fabrics and none of those are in this stash box.  However, any leftover strips from that quilt will join this box when I finish it.  It also, is paper pieced.  I have a ton of little paper pieces all over my studio floor and I have got to get the vacuum out before I get back in there today. 

Okay, I may not get this quilted before Thursday to take with me for the Botanical Conundrum so I thought I would post a picture anyway.  This is from a challenge by the Modern8Create group.  I took a picture of my Puffs tissue box and then stretched it out, to make these "flowers"  I added a bit of yellow/gold flat piping that really gives it a boost of color.  Who knows.  I might get a some inspiration and start quilting it tonight or tomorrow.  If not, it can wait until the perfect time. 

The other item I need to get quilted is my round robin wall hanging.  This one had a hard time in the rounds and was totally re-made at one point in the rotation.  The center block is about 5 inches so it's not a large wall hanging.  I am not sure how I want to quilt this one either, probably something simple.  I might even add a dark border before I do that.  (that thought just came to me.  I hadn't planned on adding anything else, but I might like having that Kaffe Fasset fabric on the outside.) 

Along with all of this, I desperately need to get going on my September (July, August and March) Stocking Swap items.  How are you coming along with these?  Aren't you glad now that November and December are non-sewing months?   Push to have everything done, collected and packaged by the first week in December so when you get your exchange partner you can ship off that week!! 

Have a great day sewing in the rain - or whatever the weather is like where you are.  

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