Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from me and the Gang!

Finnagan and Fiona
(with Foo Foo Bunny)



and Irish!  

He kept ducking his head and wouldn't let me take his picture so I just stuck the camera down and clicked.  It was the best picture of him all morning!  (He is 14 years old and blind and hard of hearing you would think that he wouldn't know when I was going to take the picture, but everytime right before I would click he would duck his head!  Stubborn dog.)


  1. oh how I love the last pic! He seems to KNOW he is turning you upside down, what a crack up! Elaine

  2. What cuties. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  3. Thank you ladies. Yes, he is a crack up. He truly is a grumpy old man and in really good shape for being almost 99 human years old.

  4. I had a blind dachshund a long time ago. I moved some furniture around one time and had to move it back cause she kept bumping into it. She remembered how it was arranged before she went blind. It was sad but funny.