Thursday, December 27, 2012

Storm Naming

When did we begin naming winter storms?  I first noticed it with the last storm system that blew through the northeast last week.  I think it's name was Doug - or something that started with a D.  I made a comment to someone who blew me off because they thought I was crazy.   Now, we have winter storm Euclid.  Did I miss something? Was there an announcement about the beginning of naming winter storm systems?  I thought names were just reserved for hurricanes.  Do we name other acts of nature and I have just never noticed before?  When does a winter storm officially get named?  Hurricanes don't get named when they are just a little blip on the weather map.  I have seen on the weather channel where they are referred to just by their numbers.  Which I don't know what the numbers mean either, I guess it has something to do with the year and how many previous blips there have been and then which ocean in which it has come to life.  It's not until the hurricanes are a category 1 that they get their official name.  I think.  I know there is an official list of names that is made up before hurricane season even begins.  Because you can't have a second hurricane Rita or Katrina.  I think there is even a separate list for the east coast hurricanes and one for the west coast hurricanes.  (are they still called hurricanes on the west coast?  I think they may have another name entirely over there)  Is there a list for winter storms?  When and where were the A, B and C storms?   I don't remember hearing about storm Euclid until today.   Is this a new storm or is it the one that passed over Texas and dumped snow in Lubbock and Dallas?  Granted, I haven't watched the news a lot in the last 3 or 4 days and I don't watch it much on a regular basis.  I am just curious and wanted to put the question out there to see if anyone else knows anything about this naming of winter storms. 

It could be because I live in the desert of Texas that I haven't heard about it, but then again, we do - every once in a while - get a storm pass through here. Remember last year's frozen lake?  

Oops, that's not it, that was this year in January. 

Nope, not it again, that was a day later - still this year in January.

There it is, it was still snowing in this picture which is why it's so blurry looking.  This was February 2011.  Almost two years ago now.  The lake was frozen over and you could walk across it.  A big difference from summer of 2011 when you could walk across the lake, but that was because it was dry.   I thought I had a picture of that, but I guess I don't.  Oh, well, just imagine this picture, but instead of all the white or green, replace it with brown.  All tints and shades of brown and you have what it looked like a couple of summers ago.   Not a pretty picture. 

Neither one of those storms (the January 2012 and the February 2011) had a name that I ever heard of so maybe this naming the winter storms is new this year.  Well, so long to Euclid from Texas.  You have just about passed out of here and even though you didn't come all the way down to Odessa with your snow, you still left behind some really cold temperatures.  Tonight it's hard to imagine that a week ago we were in the upper 70's/lower 80's and today - I am not sure it got out of the 30's.  It's supposed to be another cold night in the teens again - which, since this is a windy part of the world - wind chill temps will be in the single digits.  Cold, cold, cold!!  I stayed inside today (except for taking a gift by to someone and a small Coke run this evening - okay, I don't have any cola here at my house so when I want one, I have to go to Dairy Queen or Sonic or even to Stripes if I don't mind getting out of my car.  I may have to put Coke on my grocery list along with the black eyed peas and Mrs. Renfro's salsa - the best pomegranate salsa!!  IMHO)  

I am looking forward to learning if anyone knows about this storm naming conundrum and if anyone knows what the next storm will be called while I sew away on my next Christmas quilt.  More on it and other items tomorrow.    

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  1. I really have to laugh because my husband's name is STORM!! That's his given name and he has been questioned about it as long as he can remember.