Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stocking Swap Call for Participants

Okay, Quilters, it's time to gather all those fun things you have been making all year long, pack them into a box and send them to their final home.   If you have participated in this swap this year, e-mail me at and send me your home address.  Please do this before Friday, December 7th.  That will be my deadline.  If I don't have your mailing address, you will get to keep all your goodies for yourself.  If I do have your mailing address, I will e-mail you on Saturday, December 8th with your mailing partners name and address.  Your job is to get it postmarked before December 15th, sit and wait on your gift to arrive to you and let me know that you have received it.  It's that simple. 

If you have been participating all year and have made a couple more items along the way, you should have Christmas gifts ready to go for the entire neighborhood!  If you are like me, I am finishing up the pillow cases - yes, I still don't have them finished!!  I should have never given away the original ones I made.  Now I can't seem to get in the mood to make another set.  Thank goodness that is all I have left to make and I have everything ready to go, I just need to sew it up.  Simple, yet one of the hardest things to get done.  Okay, back to gathering.  I am including a list again so you can simply check each item off and put it in the box. 

1 mug and mug rug
1 pillow cover for a 14" pillow - do not include the form - just the cover - this will save on shipping cost and
2 matching pillow cases - or coordinating if you wish - they have to go together, but don't have to be           
            exactly the same.
1 pin cushion and a package of your favorite pins
1 table runner
1 bag - any type - small or large, your choice
1 stocking
1 ornament
1 journal cover and a nice pen - you can send the journal, also if you want, but not necessary.
1 pot holder - be sure you used an insulation
1 book - any kind
some candy and nuts - because it's not a complete stocking without these items.  (if you are sending
            chocolate - be sure it is wrapped up so it won't melt all over your lovely handmade items! )

That is it!!  These are the mandatory items to go into your box.  You can add anything else you wish.  I would recommend you add a card or letter telling about yourself, maybe add a story about some of the things your made - why you chose that item or not.  Anything beyond the required items it totally up to you.  Have fun putting together this package for your quilting partner.  I look forward to receiving an e-mail from all of you.  By the way, you will receive a package from a different person than you sent to.  (just in case you were wondering)  

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  1. I emailed you my address.
    I look forward to sending my box of goodies.