Monday, May 6, 2013

Rant, Rant, Rant

There is nothing worse than having a culinary kitchen and having no water.  Today the guys from maintenance and plumbing came and took my disposal out from under my sink - we got a piece of a measuring spoon broken off in there and they couldn't fix it in my classroom/kitchen so they took it.  No big deal - just can't use one part of my three compartment sink - we will adjust, however, they cut off all my water!!!!  I can't use any part of my sink!!!  Which means, we can't cook.  Thank goodness my student failed to get her act together and we don't have restaurant, however, I have to make teas for a party tomorrow afternoon - may have R. O. water in reserve and it might work.  I do have 4 major things coming up and they don't know when they can get the parts in to fix my disposal.  So, I don't know when we can get back in the kitchen.  It is sooooo frustrating!!  Thank goodness - one of the 4 (1 plumber, 1 electrician and 2 others that just stood around as far as I could tell)  guys told me that they were leaving for the day.  (and taking my disposal with them)  That was only after I questioned them.  The other three couldn't even say bye.  This system we have in our schools is totally frustrating!!!!  The plumber used to could go to the shop/warehouse and get the parts needed to fix whatever whenever, but now, we have to wait - who knows how long - could be weeks!!!!  on paperwork, purchase orders, downtown (the biggest problem) and then finally we may get the right part and can begin looking at fixing the disposal.  I don't know if I whined on here last year and at the first of this school year about how long it was taking to even get a replacement disposal in the first place.  Oh, well, guess we will be watching some cooking videos since we can't actually cook. 

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