Wednesday, May 15, 2013

String Bag Finish

I finished my latest project from the string box.  I pulled out a lot of green strings and began sewing them together. When I got a piece I thought was going to be big enough, I pulled out a bunch of pink strings and sewed them together.  Then I combined the two sections into one large piece of fabric.  I used up little bits and just had a great time seeing what I could combine.  I had no plan on what I was going to do with it until I had a piece of fabric about 18 X 65 inches.  I then knew it had to be a large bag.  I sewed a final strip across both ends to unify it at the top when it would become a bag and began quilting.

I sewed some wavy lines along the length of the fabric and then I began filling in each section with some different quilting.  I really need more practice on my free motion quilting so I took this time to create and have fun.  Below is a combination of pebble and ??? kind of a flowery/paisley creation.  There was no plan and I just let the needle take me on that journey.  It was a lot of fun and it took a bit of time to quilt.  I was surprised at how long it took, but I like the result and am glad that I took my time with it.  Believe it or not, this section is a close up of the above picture.  The color distortion is amazing.  There is no peach in this bag and yet, here the pale pink takes on an orangey hue. The above picture and every other picture is more a true color than the picture below.  I don't know why this picture turned out this way, none of the others did.  It's a conundrum for sure. 

Below is where I practiced making swirls.  I really need more work on going slower on parts of the swirls.  I don't have a stitch regulator and have only my speed to control the stitch length.  I did one more section where I stitched flowers with stems and leaves.  I don't have picture of it, but it turned out quite nicely.  The flowers kind of go in a line up and down the bag. 
I adhered fusible batting to the made fabric (outside of the bag) before I started quilting  - since it was handy on the night I decided to begin quilting.  Then after all the quilting was done and I sewed it in bag form with boxed corners. I knew it needed something a lot sturdier.  I didn't want to use Timtex since that can be a bit too stiff and that wasn't what I wanted.   Light bulb!!  I have some canvas I purchased for another purse project that I have yet to make.  I will use that for stability.  I then found some fabric for the lining and added some pockets from fabric laying around - but in the pink vein - and added one large one across the bottom inside of the bag - sorry no pictures - and divided it into three sections.  Then one more smaller one toward the top for keys or things I need to keep handy and quickly get to made out of the lining fabric and the lining is ready to go. What next?
Handles of course.  I cut long strips and using the fusible batting scraps, I made nice thick sturdy handles to go with my bag.  Even though the two fabrics are different in the handles, they are from the same fabric line and coordinate with each other and go nicely with the fabrics in the bag.   This is just another string project I can use to show in my strips and strings class.  I can't wait to use this bag.  I may have to pack it up for school tomorrow.  Maybe not, I will keep using one of my "grocery" bags that I made and have been using all year. (again, no picture - I am going to have to get better at taking pictures along the journey of the project and not all at the end)  Maybe this will inspire you to get out your strings and start sewing them together.  

After I finished this bag tonight, I got out the scraps I received from Chris and began sewing them together for some made fabric.  Don't know where this one is headed, but I am ready for that journey.  I will try and get some pictures along the way so you can see where I am going on this next one. 
By the way, still no disposal at school, but we do have running water, so we are having to do our best on washing dishes, but good note,  the dishwasher doesn't leak anymore  - had to put up with stinky glue smell for a few hours, but so worth it - so we may just rinse the small stuff and run it through the dishwasher if we can.  We are in cooking mode.  Not a whole lot done today just made and froze 4 cakes and boiled a ton of chicken breasts and diced up about a dozen large onions.  I also saved all the chicken broth from the pots to use in making the casserole and rice dishes.  (about 40 quarts I can freeze what we don't use and save the canned stuff)  Also made 4 quarts of ranch dressing.  I am thinking that is not near enough.  It was a great job for my first years to make and introduce them to our recipe.  We are busy, busy, busy and depending on the day, I may or may not have a full class of students due to testing and late buses.  Fun times in the school!

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