Monday, May 20, 2013

Scrappy Triangles

I am thankful for all the great publicity my culinary program has gotten this year.  My friend Liz, just e-mailed me that we were on the front page of the ECISD website again.  That link will take you right to the story - which is what you really want to see - and not the front page of our school website.  I have also had someone from the newspaper call about this story and we had a TV photographer come and video all morning while Roy was presenting and speaking with my class. It was a truly awesome experience.  I plan on using my resources better next year and bring in more chefs and restaurateurs in the area next school year.  Even though I would love to win the lottery, I really enjoy teaching this class and think that I would stay here until I can't do the work anymore or am old enough to retire.  (It's a lot of hard work - like tomorrow night's event for 200 people - and the students don't always help out like they should or I wish they would, but it's really truly a lot of fun. 

Speaking of fun, my mother sent me a link to another string project that she is working on.  I was not smart enough to look through the quilt tutorial tab so I just searched the entire blog for the scrappy triangle blocks.  I found a picture of a pillow and thought - hum, I can do that.  I pulled out my string box and sewed several together in rows.  Then I went to my rulers and found my equilateral triangle and cut me some triangles, sewed a few together and this is just the start.  Then, a couple of days later when I called my mom and told her I was working on the triangles, she said she was using phone book pages to piece hers on.  HUH??  I went back to the website and searched a little better - still not seeing the tutorial tab - and found that, yes, she did use paper to piece her triangles.  OH, well.  I am still going to do these like I have been and will probably only do enough to be a part of a pillow cover.  This time I have taken pictures along the way - not totally along the way - forgot to take pictures of the strips all sewn together so now, there are a few in-progress shots.  Yea, me!! Now to download them from my camera and get them on here.  Just a sec.  whew - my batteries held and I got them downloaded.  I thought I had a picture of the strips and was so excited.  I had it on here at first and then realized it was scraps from my scrap exchange - working on a second project from those scraps - and that it wasn't a part of the triangles so I deleted it off here for another blog posting.

Okay, I can not get these two pictures - the one above and the one below in the correct order.  Every time I move it the right way, I stays for two seconds and then goes back to this.  I don't know what is in the air with this one.   
The triangles are sewn into two rows and they are then laid out here just to see how they look.  I have made a few more triangles with other fabrics to break it all up just a touch more.  These are probably larger than the ones on the blog.  I am cutting them at the 4 1/2 line on my ruler.  I will try and get a picture of the ruler next time.  wait - you can see the edge of it in the picture below. It's that purple thing with the point almost touching my rotary cutter.  I picked it up at Tuesday Morning along with an orange ruler that is a different shape - can you tell I have no clue what shape it is?  I think it may be hexagonal, but I don't know right now.  I have never used them, but since they were on clearance at Tuesday Morning (= cheap and worth the splurge even if I didn't know if I would ever use them or not - If nothing else, I could gift them to someone else)  The major problem with this purple ruler is that it is so dark it's hard to see the lines.  The next pictures I take, I will include both of the rules so you can see.  For now, it's late and time for me to go to bed - busy day tomorrow.  Hope this inspires you. 

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  1. So pretty, I love string quilts and this one cut into triangles will be so nice....I just may have to give it a try!