Monday, May 27, 2013

Triangle Strings and Quilts from the Quilter

I finished my string triangles.  The above picture is of the block top and the below picture is of the quilted, finished pillow cover.  It's about 18 1/2" square.  The one on top is a bit dark since it was really cloudy that night and we were supposed to be getting a bunch of rain.  It didn't happen that night, but it did a couple of nights later.  We still need more and we may be lucky enough to get some this week. 

You can see my strip boxes on top of this cabinet.  I have a 1 1/2" box and a 1 3/4" box.  I also have a 2 1/2" box, but it's higher up on this cabinet.  They are all full of strips for future projects.  These triangles didn't come out of those boxes.  I used strings - strips of fabric in an undetermined width.  (that's my definition of strings) I keep my strings in a separate tub. 
There are a couple of triangles in there that were cut out with the strips running up and down.  I think they add some fun and character to everything.  They were also too narrow to cut out the other way, but I didn't want all that sewing to go to waste, so I cut the triangle out any way I could.  The border fabric was stuck in the string box, also.  I am not sure if I had intended to cut it up into strips or if I was working on a project and this just happened to get in there.  Either way, it ended up in a string project. : )
Last week I got back the quilts that I had sent off to be quilted by Abby at Latimer Lane Quilts.  They are beautiful! 
The one above is a flannel quilt I made many, many years ago.  It was hanging in my closet with the backing - also flannel - and the binding just waiting to be quilted.  It will be going to my cousin's daughter as a late graduation present once I get the binding and label done.  With the wonderful quilting it now feels like suede!!!!  It is amazing.  I just love touching it.  

This one is a pattern I got off of Moda Bake Shop and was designed by Quilt Dad.  It's made with a honeybun and a charm pack (all of the same line).  It's really sweet and girly, but really small. (about 50" square)   I am not sure where this one will end up - I have a couple of ideas - but I really like it even though it's pastel so I may keep it.  The quilting is awesome on this one, as well.  I didn't take a close-up of the quilting.  Sorry


This quilt you may recall seeing here on the blog.  It's the Jelly Roll quilt along from the Moose on the Porch blog.  It was a lot of fun and turned out really great.  I can't believe it was in 2010 that I made this top and I hate to say it, but it's one of the newest quilts from this collection of quilts.  I think the pastel one is probably the last one finished because it even has it's own matching bag and I recently started doing that.   

I had originally said I wanted it to be quilted in orange or red or pink, but Abby suggested a pale yellow and it works great.  I just knew I didn't want white thread. The yellow is so pale, that the quilting fades into the background - which is what Abby said it would do. - so, listen to your quilter on things like this. 

These next two were made to show case some fabric I had in my online quilt store.  I still have a bit of some of these fabrics and they are the best feeling batiks that I have ever worked with.  They have an almost suede like texture, but are not flannel or even brushed cotton.  I don't know what they are exactly (other than 100% cotton batik fabric)  They have a completely different feel from the  other commercial batiks you find out there today.  

Yellow Brick Road

showcasing the quilting on this quilt.

And another section of the quilting on this quilt.

Lucky Star

the quilting on this quilt. 
Those were the first 5 that I have sent off to Abby to quilt, but won't be the last ones.  They were the only ones that had backs already made and ready to go.  I have since finished the back to another late graduation quilt and am working on putting together a second back - yes, to yet another graduation quilt.  I do believe I am behind on giving out 7 graduation quilts to family members - they are the only ones that get them.  I think they all know that I run late on these after seeing the first two great grandchildren get their quilts late.  Maybe I can get caught up on all these quilts - the tops are all made - it's just the backs and getting them quilted that is the problem - now that I have found Abby and her wonderful quilting I hope to get back on track and might just have the quilt finished the next time a family member walks the stage.  (I think I have a couple of years before the next one graduates! It doesn't help when you have 6 graduate in a two year period!!)

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