Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mug Rugs - January's Stocking Swap

As soon as I can remember where I put my camera (to keep it safe, LOL) I will take some new pictures of some mugs and their rugs that I have recently made.  However, to get you started, please enjoy the following pictures of my previously made (and some even given away) mugs and their rugs. 

Penguin mug

penguin mug rug

I decided that the rug didn't really go with this mug and have since made another one.  that is what I get for making the rug without having the mug right there with me and trying to remember what colors to use.  LOL

Tic Tac Dough - you can actually play on the mug!

closer up of the rug

These mugs were on clearance after Christmas one year.  the rug has a pocket to tuck a napkin or other goody inside.

these rugs go much better!

Chalkboard mugs that you can actually write on needed a chalkboard rug - too bad I didn't have any chalkboard fabric.  Just black Kona. 

I have purchased several cute, cute mugs in after Christmas clearance sales and can't wait to make some rugs to go with them.  these make awesome gifts with a little cocoa packet inside or even homemade treats.  They are quick to make and nice to have several on hand for that last minute Oops I forgot about . . . gifts.   What mugs are you creating rugs for this month?

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  1. cute mug rugs and mugs. I am enjoying using the penguin one. I use it everyday! I have to get busy making some mug rugs to have to use as gifts.