Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stocking Swap Update

Okay, slight change to the list for the Stocking Swap.  It has been requested that I put a stocking back into the list.  It was there the first time we did this, but I thought that people might not like having a single stocking.  I was wrong.  Apparently the stocking is wanted.  So, it's back in.   Below is the new list. 

January - a mug and coordinating mug rug
February - Pillow cover for a 14" pillow form (just the cover, not the form)
March - 2 matching pillow cases (for a standard bed pillow)
April - a pin cushion and a package of your favorite pins
May - 4 place mats
June - a bag - any type and size
July - an ornament and Stocking (Christmas in July)
August - a travel sewing kit
September - a journal cover and a nice pen
October - Pot holder (be sure to use insulation)
November - a book - reading or quilting doesn't matter
December - candy and nuts (no stocking should be without these on Christmas morning)

As you can see, I have added it back to July along with the ornament.  So, here's the dilemma.  Some people made a stocking ornament for their stocking, which is still okay, however, to be fair, you will also need to make another ornament.  I thought about putting "and/or", but decided to go with "and".  SO, a stocking AND an ornament for July.  Just so everyone gets the same amount.  (remember you don't have to make anything for November and December!!)

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