Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pictures Galore!!

I finally figured out that I could take pictures (not the best quality) with my little tablet, download them into the blog and then get on my computer and type. I didn't get in there and edit the pictures so you get to see all the wonderful junk around the edges of the pictures.   I hate typing on that small little keyboard of my tablet.  I taught typing for three years so I would rather type on a full size keyboard.  So, needless to say, I have quite a few pictures to share with you since I still can't find my camera. (frustrating!!) The first one is my word for the year.  SOCIAL.  Basically I am an introverted homebody that would rather stay at home than be out on the town.  I know that that is totally foreign to most of you.  So, this year, I am trying to make an extra effort to be more social.  I have already made several specific efforts to be more social this year, so I guess it is working.  (A couple of those times I had to really fight with myself to say, "yes, I will go to lunch with the group." when my first instinct was to say, "no, thank you.") This little quilt is part of the challenge given to the group by Victoria over at 15 minute play. 
this next one is a quilt in progress.  It was in a magazine and I just need to add the prairie points and outer border for this little wallhanging.  I have actually made two of these and have only gotten this far.  The prairie points are made and ready to go, but I keep finding other things to do.  I tried making this larger because I thought it would be a great quilt, but I didn't like it much.  Way too much white background. 

I found this wonderful Alexander Henry fabric right before Christmas and bought it to make me some new pillowcases.  This is YUMMY!!!  I now have two great pillowcases I whipped up over the weekend to help ensure delicious Holiday dreams all year long. 

Part of cleaning out and cleaning up over the holidays means that I ran across these wonderful little six inch beauties in a box of older fabrics.  Then I pulled some 2 1/2" border that is already sewn together from a previous project.  I think I will put them together on point like I have shown here to create a wonderful baby quilt.  There are a couple of the blocks that I am going to replace or throw out because they stand out too much or they totally disappear.  With these I found some extra fabric and have already made a few extra blocks.  Stay tuned to this one, it may evolve and become a grown up, full size quilt one day.

These two blocks were made from the January Scrappy project over at Patchwork Times with Judy.  Her goal this year is to try to make scrappy blocks and quilts.  I don't have that problem, but I am going to make two blocks, at least, from her patterns each month to make a really scrappy quilt by the end of the year.  (or two)

This last, but not least quilt is one of my patterns and I taught this class last year at the Ogallala quilt festival in Dimmitt, Texas.  I had previously made a top - still not quilted, nor does it have it's final border.  Anyway, since I was teaching the class, I needed to have samples of the blocks and how to put it together and decided to make a three fabric quilt from my stash.  In this picture I am auditioning the white fabric for the outer border.  I really like it and am going to add that on this week sometime.  (Normally I wouldn't put the lighter fabric on the outside border, but it works here.)


  1. Love all of your projects. :) Mom

  2. You've really been busy. Did you know picture #5 didn't show up?

  3. They are all showing up here for me, anyone else having that problem?