Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stocking Swap Begins

Are you ready to begin on the 2014 Stocking Swap?  What is it you ask?  It is a swap where you have a designated item each month that you either make or purchase (November and December) and then exchange the entire years worth of gifts in December with another person for a wonderful stocking full of handmade gifts.  It is also a way for you to begin and make those Christmas gifts throughout the year instead of waiting until the last minute, like so many of us do and end up not getting them finished. 

The Stocking Swap

Each person makes and/or purchases the item designated for that month.  In December I will ask for all participants to e-mail me their snail-mail address.  I will randomly assign you a partner and you will send your "stocking" full of goodies to them.  You, in turn, will receive a "stocking" full of goodies.  All I ask is that you use good quality fabrics and do your best work.  Since you don't know who you will be trading your stocking with, be mindful of the appropriateness of your items. (nothing too risque, etc.) You can choose to have a theme to your stocking (for example: Apples - then everything in your stocking has to do in some way with apples OR a color: blue - everything is a tint or shade of blue) That is your choice.  You don't have to have a theme, but for some people, that may be an easy way to play this game. 

Expand your skills and broaden your vision with this swap.  If you try a new pattern, make a couple of different versions.  Then select the one to give for this swap and keep the others to give as Christmas gifts.  This swap could help us stay ahead of our Christmas gifting, if we make more than one of the same item each month.

It is a bit sewing heavy at the first of the year, but I know that we all get busier the closer to Christmas so I have allowed the last two months (really just November - we mail everything off early in December) for purchased items because I know how hectic it gets  closer to the holidays. 

So, here we go. . . . THE 2014 STOCKING SWAP

January - a mug and coordinating mug rug
February - Pillow cover for a 14" pillow form (just the cover, not the form)
March - 2 matching pillow cases (for a standard bed pillow)
April - a pin cushion and a package of your favorite pins
May - 4 place mats
June - a bag - any type and size
July - an ornament (Christmas in July)
August - a travel sewing kit
September - a journal cover and a nice pen
October - Pot holder (be sure to use insulation)
November - a book - reading or quilting doesn't matter
December - candy and nuts (no stocking should be without these on Christmas morning)

There you have it.  All the requirements for The Stocking Swap.  Each month I will remind you here on the blog what to make along with some ideas.  My next posting will be about January.  Have fun with this project and if you have friends that you want to join in on the fun, send them my way.  (If they don't read blogs or even Internet, doesn't mean they can't join in the fun - you can be their go between person) Enjoy!

You can join at any time - just go back and make those items you missed out on.  If you know that your summer is going to be crazy busy with a lot of travel, make those items ahead of time.  You just have to have everything ready to send off by the 5th of December.  Get your friends to join in on the fun like I did last time.   It's really exciting to see all the wonderful gifts everyone around the country made and how creative people can be.  Just because I like to know, post a comment here or e-mail me and let me know if you are playing.  Then, if you choose, post your items on your blog so everyone can see your progress.  Or do like I did and make a lot of each of the items so no one knows what you are sending for the swap and what is Christmas gifts for other people. 


  1. are we going to make a stocking too...that would be good to add to the December activity....just a thought

  2. I forgot to say.... count me in. I did this stocking swap last time and had a great tine doing it. I hope you get lots of people to take part in this fun activity

  3. I hope it is ok with you Nathalie, I posted the info about the stocking swap on my blog!

  4. Beebee, glad you are joining in again. It was fun and that is why I am hosting this again. Yes, please feel free to re-post this on your blog. The more we have playing along the merrier!