Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Question of the Night

Don't you just love how you put something away where it will be "safe" and then you can't find where you put it?  I know my big camera is around here somewhere, but I still haven't found it.  However, I will admit, I haven't been searching 100%.  I have only looked (basically in the same places over and over again) when I think I need to take a picture of something.  Then I get frustrated when it is not in those same spots and quit looking.  On the plus side, I have found my challenge fabrics that I need to use in an upcoming challenge quilt.  If I decide to make it.  I am still up in the air on this one. Not driven to create like last years fabrics made me feel.  This years fabrics are gray and blah and dull.  That is how they make me feel and I am having a really hard time being inspired to create anything as amazing as my last two years quilts.  I do have something in mind and that idea morphs and swirls in my head, but just hasn't come together in a way that says, "YES!!  I want to make that quilt".  Hopefully it will do that soon, or I will not be participating in the challenge this year.  Speaking of which, I need to find out when I need to send in a picture of the "finished" quilt if I do plan on entering.  Hmmm.  I hope I have a little more time before I need to do that. 

Tonight is Wednesday night and this is my own self-designated night for quilting.  It is the one night of the week that I really, really try to make it into the studio and work on a project or something.  Some weeks, I may make it to the studio every night, but there are other weeks that I only make it in there on Wednesday night.  I don't know why I started or even when I began making Wednesday my quilt night, but there it is:  "WEDNESDAY - QUILT NIGHT".   Some Wednesdays it is staring me in the face waiting to see if I will even stick my pinky toe in the room and I can feel the pressure to sew something, anything, just sew!  Other times, I don't even think about it, it just comes naturally and I can sew all night long.  Well, tonight, LOL, was neither of those nights.  It was in between.  It just was.  I sewed together two blocks from a scrappy challenge by Judy over at Patchwork Times.  I think, if I remember this correctly, she will be posting a block a month and we are to use said block and make a couple of really scrappy blocks.  I think (okay, I read the posting a couple of weeks ago and I have been sick since then and done a million other things so I don't remember why she is doing this.  I really need to get back over there and find out, but . . . million of other things. . . plus I really don't care why, I just liked the block and I love making scrappy so I am totally happy with the plan the way I have it in my head) Anyway, I made two blocks using my scraps from my box of blocks.  I put them up on my design wall and I really like the way they look.  Sorry you can't see them right now - hidden camera problem.  I also finished quilting my word of the year quilt and am in the process of hand stitching the binding on.  I know, it goes really fast if you do it by machine, but I like hand stitching it (after I sew it on by machine to the front, then I hand stitch it on the back) I just like the look and sometimes even enjoy doing the handwork.  I will tell you what my word is, once I find my camera and can take a picture to post.  Here again, it all goes back to the top and the question of the night, Don't you just love how you put something away where it will be "safe" and then you can't find where you put it? 


  1. I loose stuff all the time. I feel as though I am always playing hide and seek with my things. I hope you find your camera!

  2. I know that feeling well. And when I do find the missing item, I usually can remember that I DID put it where ever it is. I like the idea on one night a week for quilting. I might try and do that too.