Thursday, November 27, 2014

BEE Newsletter for December

I hope this helps the members of my group who couldn't see the newsletter I e-mailed out.  Or the parts of it that didn't translate into real words.  I have cut and pasted everything, but have taken out the treasury amounts as it is no bodies business, but ours. 

There were 10 members and 3 guests who attended the November meeting.  Guests:  Margaret Irby and Beth Herron and her son, Peanut. 

The President, Vice-president and Secretary were all absent so treasurer; Gerrie Hollowell presided over the meeting.   No minutes were read and there is approximately (blank)  in the treasury of which (blank), is Girl Scout raffle ticket money. 

 Old Business: 

·         All tickets and raffle money must be turned in by December 6.  The raffle will be held at that time.  Two of the drawing prizes, the wall hanging and pillow were shown at the meeting.

·         Kathy and Nathalie’s retreat has a date change due to a scheduling conflict with the Girl Scout camp to February 6 – 8, 2015 at Mitre Peak.  

·         Food was brought and shared by all and it was delicious.   

New Business:

·         If you have any suggestions for programs for next year you may contact either Judy Brewer or Kathy Hassell. 

·         An updated membership list was requested.  There will be forms to fill out at the December and January meetings to assist with getting a new list together.

·         It would be helpful if we could put together some group guidelines and have them in writing for new and incoming members.

·         The next meeting will be December 6th and will be a regular work day from 9 – 3 with the meeting being held at noon. Work will be on a project of your choice.

·         Instead of having another pot luck for lunch in December, members are encouraged to bring finger foods or grazing foods, but please try not to all bring desserts.

·         There will be a Christmas block exchange.  Blocks need to be made from Christmas fabric or in Christmas colors and be 12” finished.  Wrap your block up to gift it in the exchange.  *The majority of the raffle items were made from past Christmas block exchanges so you never know how the block you make will end up. Everyone is encouraged to participate.


Show and Tell followed the meeting. 

We are in the process of coordinating calendars with the church and hope to have meeting dates for next year at the December meeting. 


 It’s that time of year again.  Dues are only $15 for an entire year of fun and fellowship and are to be paid by the January meeting.  This covers 12 monthly meetings, Saturday workdays and monthly newsletters.  The quilt-ins are an extra $10 each time (Thursday and Friday) and that money is donated to the church to help cover the cost of electricity.  Quilt-ins are held 4 to 5 times a year. 

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