Thursday, November 27, 2014

New picture and second posting of the day

This is me, wrapped in my Strawberries and Pistachios quilt trying to stay warm.  This room is the coldest room in the house and if I would hook up my Wi-Fi I wouldn't have to freeze to death (also if I would bring back the space heater from my bedroom where I don't need it anymore since I turned the heat on I wouldn't be freezing to death) here in my office.  But, no, I just wrap up in a quilt and type away and play games and stay in here as long as I can stand it until I have to go to another room in the house that the heat reaches.  This room is the most poorly insulated room in my house.  It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  You would think that all the fabric would help out with the insulation, but you would be wrong.  This picture is me reflected through my computer screen.  I thought it was pretty cool that it turned out in color since all I could see on the screen was a dark blob.  You can also tell how dirty my screen is.  It doesn't look this bad when I am on it, but when the screen goes totally black, you can see that it needs to be cleaned.  Oh, well, I am about to give up in here - toes are cold - and fix me something for lunch and try to warm up.  I may just make some potato soup.  That sounds delicious.  

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