Thursday, November 27, 2014

Auditioning Fabrics for Crosses Quilt aka 3rd posting

One of the quilts I have been working on for a little bit is this one below that I am calling "Crosses".  I was avoiding working on another project when I spotted a gallon zip top bag stuffed full of scraps, so I just started pulling stuff out and sewing it together to make fabric.  Some of it had already been sewn together so I cut and sewed and cut and sewed having no real purpose, just avoidance.  Then I decided to make enough to cut some squares out of it - about 6 inch or so squares.  So, I kept on sewing, cutting out squares, sewing the leftovers together and sewing until I had 9 squares.   I thought that was enough, but if I wanted more, I would sew more together the next time.  Those squares sat for a few nights when I pulled them back out and (avoidance again) and saw the cream colored fabric over to my left - still out, hadn't put it away from a previous project - and thought I wanted to do a slash and sew.  Hey, I could do crosses.  Do a double slash and sew.  So I did with all 9 blocks.  I put them to the side and worked on something else for a few days.  Then I came back to them and thought I would just sash them and make a wall hanging. What color?  was the next question and I auditioned several fabrics, but kept coming back to this bright red.  My original thought was for a straight 2 1/2" sashing, a little border and done, but this quilt had something else in mind.  I cut out skinny strips - about 1 1/2" and sewed them all around and once again, they went on the pile.  Now what?  I spotted this blue plaid that I had dumped out of a box because I needed that box for another project and I wasn't in love with the project in that box.  So, this fabric, some 5" squares, 12" squares I had made in a class at Ogallala Festival along with the book and other paraphernalia were sitting on the cutting table waiting to be worked on some day.  (not ever if I have my way!)  Since this blue plaid was just the thing, I snitched it from that project so it could now belong with this one.  I cut wide strips - about 3" - sewed them on and then using my 12 1/2" ruler cut them all at wonky angles back and forth.  I put them on the board and looked at them next to each other and thought, nope, they need some sashing.  This bright green batik wouldn't have been my first choice, but it works. Which is why I used it.  This quilt top is about 50 inches square or so and now I want a really wide border.  I have pulled two fabrics from my stash and took pictures for you to see.   This first one is an older fabric that has been in my stash for many, many years.  It is my favorite of the two, but doesn't seem quite right somehow.  (and yet I keep going back to it)
This second one is also an older fabric from my stash and is a plaid which also looks good, but doesn't have the punch that I think it needs.   Yep, now that I see it here, it just isn't right.  I don't know what I am going to put with this.  I may have to scrounge through a few tubs to see if I can find the right fabric.  You may not have seen the last of that floral one.  It is kind of whimsical.  

What are your thoughts on these fabrics, the quilt.  Maybe I should go with another color altogether.  Notice the stack of green fabrics over to the left of the picture?  All of those were pulled to audition for another project and need to go back in the drawers.  The black and cream were for yet another project and the red/white/pink on top are dish towels that need to find another home in the coming month.  I will pull and audition more fabrics - if I have what this quilt is looking for in my stash.   Once I have it all done, I will post a picture of the finished top. 

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