Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Good and the Bad of Monday.

I really want some wool felt to add to my travel sewing kit for the stocking swap (okay, for when I make the sewing kit or get around to making the sewing kit sometime this week, I would like to have some wool felt on hand to add to the kit for the pins and needles).  So, this afternoon, after watching all those shows I haven't been able to watch due to having to work, I finally (about 3 o'clock) decide to take a shower and get dressed -(okay, here again, let me clarify,  I was dressed, just not in clothes to wear out of the house, or at least out of the drive thru lane and car) - I even put on a little bit of make-up and mascara, big step for a vacation day.  My real pursuit to get out of the house is to get something to eat - see, I could have stayed dressed and in my other clothes if I was just going to go through a drive thru, but I thought I might - just might - stop in either at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby for that wool felt and oh, yes, some Velcro.  (the list is growing)  Since I didn't go to the grocery store this morning, (vacation day) I don't have anything to throw together for lunch - or anything that sounded appetizing - I could make some scrambled eggs again, but I had that for breakfast at 7 this morning - I know I am on vacation, but the dogs, don't.  I could also eat an apple, but I wanted something more than that since it had been about 8 hours since I had eaten those eggs.  I just don't know what I want.  (this is why I decided to take a shower and get dressed since I wasn't sure where I would end up)  I kennel the dogs, re-set the alarm and head out of the house and toward Jo Ann's.  Traffic is bad. What is new?  Traffic has been bad for a couple of years with this oil boom and not looking to get any better any time soon.  So, I deal with it.  Whoa.  That guy wasn't turning onto my street, he was making a U-turn and I pulled out kind of in front of him.  What an idiot.  (him, not me)  Why is it so bad at 3: 30  oops, it's now 4 in the afternoon?  Where did the time go?  I finally make it over to Chimney Rock shopping area and the parking lots by Jo Ann's is quite full and there is a car on my tail so I have to go around the place again, but thank goodness I did because a spot opened up pretty close to the front of the store.  Whew.  Finally in the store,  I grab a cart and pull and push and pull and it's stuck so I grab a different cart and head through the store.  I know I don't need a cart for some felt and Velcro, but I am not wearing my knee brace and am using the cart for some stability in case my knee decides it is not part of my body and chooses to go it's own way - which is why I wear the brace in the first place.   I have been trying not to wear it for the last 4 or 5 days and it is doing okay, but being out in a store and having to walk a lot more on it, I wanted that cart more for peace of mind than anything else.  I find a very helpful sales clerk who takes me over to the felts and nope, no 100% wool felt here.  So, I ask about just wool fabric and we backtrack (I knock over a small bolt of batting that was behind me and I didn't even see it.  I pick it up and hurry after the sales clerk.  She pulls out a 97% blue wool suiting and I find a 100% wool in camel, but both of them (only the camel would work) are about $35.00 a yard.  That is way too pricey for me - even though I only need a little bit, I don't want to pay that price, so on to plan B.  The sales clerk guides me to the Velcro and I find what I need, thank her for her assistance as she is called up to the front check out station.  Since I am only getting the Velcro I slowly wander up to the register and I am 3rd in line behind the person checking out that my sales clerk was called up to assist and one other person.  I peruse the magazines, don't put any in my basket and it's now my turn.  My sales clerk, hmm, she must be an assistant manager or even the new manager, is reminding her register person that remnants are 75% off.  DING, DING, DING  - SALE!!!  my ears perk up and I verify with the "sales clerk" about the 75% off and turn my cart toward the remnant area.  It's mostly fleece pieces, some satin, some ugg, I am not sure what that fabric was, and "WOOOL".  100% WOOL!!  It's a nice chocolate brown, about 1 yard of it and still $35.00 a yard, but now it's 75% off of that $35.00.  A much easier price to handle.   I add it to my cart along with a nice purplish modern looking piece for a quilt and an orange chevron canvas piece to work into a bag or even in this sewing kit. It's starting to shape up.  This is going to be more money than what I wanted to spend, but at least I have the two items on my list, kind of.  Wool felt (after I felt it) and Velcro.  She rings up the wool and wow!  it's on sale for $10 off the original price plus the 75% .  All the fabrics are off their original prices and then the deep discount.  She rings everything up and tells me my total - major drum roll here - $9.05.  WHAAT>?>????  Did I hear that right?  yep, $9.05.  Less than ten dollars.  I saved $45.82 according to my ticket.  I looked it over and along with the remnants and their major deep discounts, I also got a 20% off the entire transaction which was more than the Velcro  - making it totally free!!  What a great day!!  So, glad I went to all the trouble to shower and get dressed. 

That was the good part,  I am feeling good, driving slowly through the parking area making sure I let the pedestrians have the right of way and watching out for those drivers when a lady, talking on her phone, doesn't even come to a slow roll before she pulls out in front of me turning to go opposite from me.  She is coming off of a row and I technically have the right of way.  She would have been the one ticketed if they gave tickets on private property - which is rare - I am so glad that I was watching out for idiot drivers and my car is all in one piece.  She never even looked either way and kept on talking on her phone.  If you drive in Odessa, you have to keep watch for all the idiots out there that drive distracted, by either talking on the phone, texting, smoking or whatever else they are doing.   It's a crazy time in this town. 

That was the bad part - I ran through Panda Express for my lunch/dinner meal and ate almost all of it.  (that is not usually the case, but by this time it had been 9 or 10 hours since I had eaten anything and was really hungry.  Since I don't have leftovers, I guess I am getting up early tomorrow and going to the grocery store.  All in all a good first official day of vacation.  Now that it's almost 1 in the morning, I am getting hungry again.  sigh.  I guess I will go to bed before my stomach growls any louder and I can't get to sleep.  LOL 

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