Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This summer I am really hating my allergies. Usually the spring and fall are the worse times with my allergies, but this summer has beaten them both. Last night I went with a friend to her church's revival and something in the church was starting to get to me. I hung in there, even though I could tell I was in for some sneezing and itching later on. Sure enough. The sneezing and itchy watery eyes hit like a tornado - fast and furious. I try to combat it with allergy medication, but am limited by the amount I can take in a 24 hour period. Nothing is working. I can't sleep because I can't breathe and have only gotten a couple hours of sleep that came this morning around seven a.m. This is the second time in the last 6 days that I have had a horrible reaction to something. Even as I write this I am sneezing my head off and having to breathe through my mouth! My eyes are so swollen I can't get my contacts in and am having to wear my old glasses. Which means, since I didn't get my last eyeglass prescription filled for bi-focals, I am wearing my glasses and a pair of readers so I can read what I am typing! I know, it sounds like I am just wanting sympathy and am having a pity party. I'm not, I am just informing you about what I have gone through twice now in a little less than a week. For those of you who don't have allergies, count your blessings. It's like having a really bad cold, the flu, hives and a migraine all rolled into one. Total misery! I guess I will just have to try and work on something quilty so I can feel better.

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