Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Woke up this morning to the "yard guys" from the city and their lawn mowers, weed whackers and loud music. (so they could hear it over the noise of their machines). Okay, they really weren't out there at seven a.m., but they were there at least by 8. That is still too early for all that noise. I thought, hey, I have a blog. People are going to want pictures. I will need to take pictures a whole lot more than I ever have before. So, I grabbed my camera and headed outside hoping to get a great picture. Their trucks were parked right outside my gate. I was trying to take the pictures over the fence without them knowing that I was snapping away. I peered over the fence, raised my camer up and snapped. They aren't the best pictures. I forgot about the morning sun.
The top picture looks like he is fishing. He isn't. That is his extremely loud instrument of torture. He is trimming the sage bushes that grow up along the fence that separates my alley from the park. The second picture - well, hopefully you will never get such a horrible picture from me again, but I wanted to show the guys on the other side of the fence, one of them must have ducked down when I snapped the picture. My next thought was, go upstairs! That will be a wonderful picture. However, the glare of the morning sun shining off the window screen prohibited that from happening. At least they were through with the park by eleven and the peace and quiet and birds chirping could once again resume. Good news - I learned how to post pictures to my blog. More to come.

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