Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lou's 9 Patches

At our April quilt-in, reference previous post, one of our members, Lou, came in with ten or twelve large (16 inch) 9 patch blocks in orange, brown and various print fabrics. Think mid '70's. They were very dated. She bee-lined over to me and flopped them on the table and said, "what can you do with these?" I gave her several great suggestions thinking, "I can't wait to see what she does with these." Lou is a very gifted quilter and artist. I just thought she had to many ideas and was hoping that I could help her narrow down her possibilities. No, that wasn't the case. After I had made all my suggestions she said, "that sounds good, now they are yours." WHAT? These aren't my colors - okay, maybe the orange - but not the - okay, maybe I am getting to like brown somewhat and am using it more - but, these? They are so dated!! My mother sometimes says I am a child of the '70's, but it's usually because I choose more bright, hip, mod colors and lean a little toward the bohemian. Not because I am into orange, brown and avacado - wait, I like that color, too. uhh. . . .

Anyway, today while the dogs were at the groomers, I decided to cut those blocks apart and do something with them. (Saturday is our monthly meeting and Lou might show up and I wanted to surprise her) I didn't even lay them out and arrange them. Once I had them all squared up, I would pick up a couple of blocks and sew them together. I didn't worry about whether I had too many browns together, I was just intent on putting this top together whichever way it turned out.

Doesn't look too bad in the picture. I haven't decided if this is the end of this top or if more is to come before it gets basted and quilted. The left and bottom sides have that sashing/cornerstone look that is not on the top and right hand sides. It bothers me a little, but I don't have any of these prints to "fix" it. I am thinking about slicing it and adding. I don't know. Tell me what you think.

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  1. Hi! I like this Disappearing Nine Patch, even if it does have that extra row of sashing on the left and the bottom. BTW you did not leave your email address on my blog when you entered the giveaway! Hurry over ASAP to enter again w/your email!