Tuesday, June 15, 2010

good morning!

Today I have been busy and it isn't even 11 o'clock. I woke up early - or at least early for the summer. It wasn't my school day wake-up call at 5:30 in the morning, but 6:30 is early enough on a great summer day. I had to go to the grocery store and I love going early in the morning. A lot fewer people and most of us there are on a mission to get our groceries and get out. Preferably without anyone noticing that we have on our ratty tatties, no make-up and our hair - well, who knows what our hair looks like since most of us haven't even looked in the mirror yet today.

I was backing out of the drive way at 7:05 heading to my local HEB. And yes, I had my contacts in my eyeballs (on my eyeballs), my usual limited amount of make-up and my summer go to hair style of a single pony tail. Having accomplished the selecting, purchasing and loading my car with my items. I was ready to take care of my coke craving. (coca-cola for those of you not from Texas where we call every soft drink "coke. " "Hey, you want to go get a coke?" "Sure, I'll have a Dr. Pepper!" We used to have "coke" dates in college. You would go out with a guy you just met for a non-alcoholic drink. It was a great way to meet lots of guys without the pressure of having to spend hours with someone you really didn't like after the first 20 minutes.)

I digress, now I am going to change the title to something else. Back to the original morning story: I headed back down the street to the nearest Stripes convenience store, because they have the best ice and I can re-fill my cup for a mere 86 cents. I love getting a bargain. That is probably my Scottish heritage coming out. Okay, since I rambled and you probably want to take a break about now, I will leave the rest for later. But, go to the new flickr button to see what else I have been doing this morning! Sin

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