Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lou's 9 patch re-deaux?

Remember Lou's 9 patch blocks? Well, today I took the top up to our monthly quilt group meeting and laid it out on a table so everyone could give me advice on what to do next. Some agreed with me that it needed some color. They even nodded their heads yes when I said I was going to slice it again and add some in the middle of the blocks. A few liked it just the way it was. The final verdict was that I was going to bring it back home, slice it a couple of times and add in some green and then maybe work on the border somehow. That was a plan. However, after the meeting was over and most of the members had left, one member walked over to the table and remarked how she really liked the top. Something inside of me just blurted out, "you want it?" So I gave away my top! It didn't actually go free but it went with the condition that she had two months (that was how long I had owned those blocks) to do something with the top. I can't wait until the August meeting to see what she has done to the top. The down turn (up side? Upsidedownturn?) to that giveaway is, if she can't come up with anything new to add or do to the top in the two months, then it returns back to me. Wouldn't it be funny if she made additions to the top and gave it to someone else in our group in August to add something else. Kind of like an impromptu round robin. Stay tuned.

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