Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fair Winners

Last weekend, I went to the Midland fair and checked things out. Like I previously said, this was their first fair in over 40 years. As a result, they didn't have a carnival booked so there weren't any rides, not that I am into the carnival rides. Who knew that you needed to book a carnival at a minimum a year + ahead of time. These are a few of the items my friend and I judged. The top picture is of the Jalapeno Jelly the grand champion in the canning area. It was really great. Had the standard Jalapeno flavor along with a little sweetness and heat. The pie was our grand champion in the baked goods area. It was a lemon meringue. It had a great lemon flavor. It was the only one that we kept going back to to take another bite. So, we knew that it had to be our grand champion. The orange purse was made from hand felted wool. A lot of work went into the making of that purse. It definitely deserved the award of Grand Champion. The last picture was of a tricycle/recumbent bike that was made out of found objects. (or at least that is what it looked like to me) It really worked. We know this because we had a tester try it out. It looked like fun and I would have tried it out myself, but watching our tester try to get out of the bike totally changed my mind. I would have had to roll out sideways and then untangle my legs to get out of there. I am so glad that I didn't try it. It got our reserve champion award in the had crafted category.

while at the fair on Saturday, I purchased some Meyer's Lemon and Olive Oil, Fig Balsamic Vinegar and two varieties of linguine. I can't wait to try these items out in a recipe. I think I will make a lemon chicken pasta dish this weekend. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I would have made it tonight, but didn't want to make the trek to HEB at 5:00 with all the other people shopping for dinner. I am glad I didn't go because my Schwann's man came to my door and delivered dinner without me having to get back out again!! Sometimes I just love Schwann's.

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