Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Judging and all the rest

I can't believe I haven't been on here for almost half a month. Okay, over half a month! I have been very busy trying to get school started, traveling to conference, sitting in in-service meetings and unpacking boxes. Did I say unpacking boxes? just want you to know that I have been unpacking boxes!! Yesterday alone I unpacked about 35 boxes. I am probably half way through the 90+ boxes that I packed up back in May in readiness for this move.

Tonight, a fellow co-worker and I were judges for the Midland County Fair that is opening tomorrow night. This is their first fair in over 48 years so turnout for the entries was a bit sparse. We judged pies, jellies and jams, pickles and relishes, salsa, and canned black-eyed peas. I thought that was all we were going to judge and then I was informed that we were also judging the crafts entries. It was all very interesting and you will have to attend the fair (or wait until Sunday for me to tell you about it) to find out who the winners were. I will tell you that there were a lot of first places due to the low entry numbers in each category.

I have more to say, especially about the food at conference. I wrote down everything we ate while we were there and since I didn't pay for the Internet hookup and didn't want to use the public computers to blog, it is all on a thumb drive in my bag. My next blog will be about the food!!

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