Sunday, August 29, 2010

Okay, new day and I am up and raring to go!! (6:20 a.m. - dogs wouldn't sleep any longer) Now, to start in on those recipes that I had planned for yesterday. First off the Butter Brickle Bread. A recipe I got from my sister via my mother. Apparently somebody served this bread at a party my sister went to and she begged for the recipe. Then my mother sent it on to me to try. It is an interesting recipe that is made using a cake mix, a pudding mix, hot water and 4 eggs. You mix it with a mixer and it incorporates a lot of air into the batter. I cooked it in my Pampered Chef mini loaf stone that makes 4 medium/small loaves of bread. they turned out pretty good. I think I need to shorten the cooking time, but other than that it looks good. Oh, yes, the recipe called for poppy seeds and I didn't want to use them so I put in pecans instead. Next time I will triple the amount of pecans. Here is a picture of one loaf.

and all 4 of them:

Next up was a recipe from the Tasty Kitchen, the Pioneer Woman's blog. Since peaches are so abundant right now, I copied off two recipes using peaches. The first was peach cups. It uses crescent rolls, marscapone cheese and peaches. Okay, if you read the previous blog you will know that I am subbing whipped cream cheese instead. The recipe says you can do this. I melted my butter and got my cinnamon and sugar ready and started dipping my dough and making cups out of them in my muffin pan. (yes, another Pampered Chef stoneware item. Love them)

Then I mixed my cheese with some sugar and mounded it into the cups. I slice up a large peach and decided that I may not be able to get those slices in the cup so I diced up that peach and put a bunch over the cheese mix. Sprinkle a little sugar on top of that and into the oven it goes.

After about 11 minutes (according to the recipe) I take them out and . . . and . . . the dough is not cooked much at all. I stick them back in for another 5 minutes and . . and. . . nope. I don't like this at all. Wait, I have another can of crescent rolls in my refrigerator. Let's try this one more time. I scoop out the filling and put it in a bowl. Peaches, cinnamon and all. Well, not all. I probably got some of the bottom of the peach cups into this mixture, but the rest of the dough went down the drain.

I cleaned the pan and started over. I decided that dipping the dough in butter was probably the problem. Also, getting the triangle shapes into a cup shape was a problem. So, this time, I spread out the dough from the can and pinched the perforated edges together to create one rectangle, cut that rectangle in half fat way and put that into the muffin cups. That works great. Then, I melted a little bit of butter and spread it into the cups with my fingers since I don't have or couldn't find a pastry brush. I sprinkled some Cinnamon and sugar mixture over the top of this and loaded them up with the new cheese and peach mixture. Put them in the oven, baked them the 11 minutes. Oops, needs some more time. 15 minutes total and voila

Peach Cups. They are pretty good. However, I will not be making this recipe anymore. They are just not worth it. However, I did scoop some of the cheesy mixture and put it on the brickle bread and that was very tasty. I might mix up some more of that and serve it with the bread. So this recipe wasn't a complete waste.

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