Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Save Me!!

Please, save me from sophomore girls!! For the past 8 years I have been lucky enough to teach seniors. Only seniors with a few minor juniors thrown in just for the fun of it. It has been 9 years since I have had a sophomore in my class. Much less a sophomore girl. This year, I am lucky enough to have a classroom full of them. Oh, lucky me! Yesterday, one of the girls volunteered to take the class count down to the office. It was a different girl than had taken it the previous week. Well, as soon as she walked out of the room, the previous girl says, "Miss, If she doesn't watch it I am going to get her". To which I replied, "No, you aren't. If you do, you will be sitting in ISS for the rest of the semester for two hours a day and forfeit your credit for this class." To which she replied, "If she doesn't quit looking at me.. "

All of this because she is looking at her? Are you kidding me?

Then today, the different girl comes in and says, "Miss, if she doesn't quit dogging me, I am going to get her." Well, I replied the same and told this one that I had spoken to the other one yesterday and I was nipping it in the bud.

Thought that would put a stop to it. But, no. Later during the class I pulled them both out and gave them a talking to and let them have their say and you know what? It was all a misunderstanding about the way someone looks at you.


Lord, give me patience to deal with these girls this year! They are now alright for the time being, but let's see what develops.

Today I wore these cute pants that I had only worn 3 times, today being the third, and was getting ice out of the freezer in the garage and I caught them on the license plate and they ripped!! No more cute pants :( I immediately came up stairs and looked up my past order history, found them on the web-site and ordered me a couple more pairs. One in the same color and one in a slate color. However, I purchased these for $13 and now the pants are $26. Bummer! It's just been one of those afternoons. On the bright side? I got my lesson plans finished and turned in today.

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  1. Last week, a friend was helping Larry put a car on the trailer. The car was at an angle, and the left front wheel hit the license plate. Tire destroyed. License plates may be the current weapon!