Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Glasses and a Bummer of a Day

I am trying to upload photos into this post, but it will only load the code. It used to load the picture itself so I could move it around. Let's try one now.
Nope, just code again. Bummer. Well, let's see if I can work with this.

Yesterday I made a trip to Wallie World. I know, what an idiot to go in the middle of a Saturday, but I really needed to order more contacts and since they work with 1-800-Contacts I needed to make one trip, at least. I have had my prescription for over a month and I have even been to Wallie at least once in that month, but it was early in the morning so I don't have to deal with the crowds and the vision center isn't open at that time. So, a trip in the middle of the busiest day of the week it was. I got my contacts ordered and even ordered a pair of glasses. I haven't had new glasses since 2002!! I can't believe it. I wear my contacts so much that I have just put off ordering the glasses. Now, since I am getting older and need bi-focals and it is embarrasaing to wear my readers over my glasses out in public, I forked out the money for glasses. Being blind, needing bifocals and wanting to not have coke bottle lenses, makes for some expensive glasses let me tell you. I hope I can wear these for 8 years and not need to replace them so I can get my money's worth.

Since I was already parked with a decent spot. I decided to do some grocery shopping. I needed a few items to try out some recipes this weekend and they had most of the items I needed on my list. WHAT? no marscapone cheese? Oh, well, I can sub in some whipped cream cheese. WHAT? no provolone cheese at the deli? Okay, I will buy this more expensive pre-packaged cheese and remember to go to HEB the next time. I was so totally worn out from all the people on the road and learning that my 86 cent cokes at dairy queen are going up on Monday that I didn't do any cooking at all on Saturday night. bummer.

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