Saturday, July 31, 2010

My How Time Flies

What a week! I had to go back to work last Monday and can't believe it is already Saturday and this is the first time I have had to sit here and write. To say this week has been busy is an understatement. Not only did I have to work at OHS, I also had the last week of Summer Volleyball League on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Thank goodness we got out around midnight on Monday and got out early due to team cancellations on Tuesday (about 1 a.m.) but Thursday was the killer. We didn't leave there until 2 a.m. trying to get everything all cleaned up, swept up and mopped. I do believe we left it cleaner than when we started. However, even with happy hour we still didn't sell all the food from the concession stand. Oh, well, next to giving it away, we did the best we could. It was great and I enjoy doing it every year, but this year was especially hard due to the late nights and the 3 day a week thing. I am really glad it is over this year.

Okay, now that I have told you about volleyball, the next thing is work. When we got to school on Monday, we found out for sure which room we would be moving to and I got the custodian to move my boxes for me. I have two classrooms to set up. One I am sharing at OHS and one at the ATC (formerly known as the Career Center). Thankfully my person I am sharing with came up on Wednesday and we got to talking about where my stuff is going to go in her room. I have left that until later. I have decided that if I have to, I will put what I need in a rolling cart and just bring what I need as long as there is a place to put my books. I am not worried about that space any longer. Monday afternoon, I helped clear out the old BCIS closet to make room for our coop stuff to go in there. We loaded up the back of a pickup truck to the brim with old out of date books, junk and more junk. It was unbelievable. The guys went and dumped that and came back for another load that filled up at least half the truck. From there, on Tuesday, we found out that one of my co-workers would be losing her office and closet and would have to move out. So, we proceeded to move and dump another large walk-in closet (which is now a principals office -so that will tell you how large this space was). Tuesday afternoon, when I decided that my co-worker would have to finish the closet on her own, due to the fact that I didn't know what she wanted to keep or throw out, I moved on to my filing cabinets. I decided, after seeing the room and sitting in there for awhile, not to take my 3 large, 4 drawer cabinets. So, I started emptying them and throwing away stuff that had accumulated for years. On Thursday, the truck came to move the rest of my stuff to the ATC and I spent 2 hours at the book depot shredding anything that had social security numbers on it. Let me tell you, I had a lot of that. 2 hours worth on two large shredders! From there, I went to the ATC and worked in my room deciding on how I wanted everything to go. That took up a lot of time. Because it is like this: move the desk, sit in the chair, look around the room, move the desk, sit in the chair, look around the room, move the desk. . . . . You see how it goes? I think I moved the computer table 4 times and swapped the computer and printer at least twice! I think I have it where I want it now I just need to find the extension cords and a longer blue cord (that attaches me to the system) that are all packed away in one of my 95 boxes.

Friday, I needed to take my car to get some work done on it. (like brakes that I have needed to have done all summer!) I had planned to get there really early, but you know, late nights and early mornings all week had taken their toll on my body and I didn't get up until 8 and didn't get moving until 9. After a quick trip to HEB, I dropped off my car and they brought me back home where I worked for a couple of hours and crashed again in the bed. Here it is Saturday and my friend Gary is coming over between 8:30 and 9:30 to work on the yard and take out my trash and anything else I need done yard wise. So that means another semi-early morning rise. Now, that he has left, I have to get myself together and go hit a few stores to pick up necessary items. (medicines) I have also realized that I need a bag to carry my Garmin accessories in so I will be making one later this afternoon to match my carrying case I previously showed here on the site. Off to the stores - hopefully they won't be too crowded yet.

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