Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bags Galore

Quite awhile back I was reading through the blogs that I like and came across this tutorial for a friendship bag from P. S. I Quilt . What fun. It really is a little bag that you can put a few FQ's in or some cookies or candy. Just anything you can imagine to give to a friend. Just the perfect size for a little gift that is from the heart. I quickly used some scraps and made the top and left ones that night. fun, fun, fun. I took them to quilt guild with me on our next quilt-in and gave everyone the link so they could make their own. For that weekend I had planned on making a quilt using a new jelly roll I had come across. I finished the center part of the quilt and just needed to add borders, but didn't have the fabric there with me to work on that part of the quilt so I whipped up another friendship bag using the leftover scraps from the top. That is the bag on the bottom right of the above picture. It has a little larger bottom piece which results in a taller bag. You can't tell that since these are laying on my chair. My next thought was "I need a bag to carry this quilt in" So, using larger strips I created the bag below. I think the fabric is called "city blooms". This bag I used mostly the blues and green strips and added some deep red-violet Kona (can't remember the name off the top of my head) and some green fabric from my store. It even has a couple of pockets on the inside. It measures approximately 14" X 15". That was such a great success that when I had extra skinny Verna strips from the Moda scrap bags I purchased from the Sewing Cottage in Andrews, I decided to make a bag for that future quilt I was going to make. I was so excited to get this quilted and put together that I didn't do a lining at the same time so it isn't finished. I need to remeasure and create a lining and handles before I can mark this one off the list.
This bag thing will continue. I already have some fabric quilted and ready to go from left over Aviary fabric from the "Off the Grid" quilt. I haven't decided yet how I want to bag to go so it isn't finished. Plus, I got sidetracked by the pink and brown batiks. Then by my new Garmin and now that I have made that one, I am working on a cover for my business cards and one for my i-pod. Always working on something - at least in my head if not for real.

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