Saturday, July 24, 2010

Please sir, can I have some more? Fabric?

I know, I know, I know - I don't need any more fabric. But that's like telling any other addict that they don't need _______ (whatever they are addicted to) anymore. We just can't help it!
I traveled to the north to the Sewing Cottage -wait, is that the name? - I never can remember. Anyway, I went to the quilt store in Andrews. I needed some brown batik to set my pink, brown and turquoise blocks and I didn't have any. I know, can you believe it. Moi? Not having any brown batik. What is this world coming to? So, off to the quilt store in Andrews. (see how I got away with not naming the store? Pretty clever of me.) I found the perfect brown right off the bat and then Norma, the shop owner, tells me that all the batik FQ are on sale for $2.00 each. That she is going to have to go up in August. I totally understand that, because now batik fabrics are around 10 dollars a yard and I haven't seen a batik FQ - that is not on clearance - for less than $2.50 in quite some time. So, of course I have to grab a few. (no pic at this time - they are in the wash) I went to Andrews not planning on spending more than thirty dollars. Just get the brown batik and get out of there. Well, that was a great plan. I just didn't follow it.

I wandered around the store and saw a lot that I would love to have, but I was NOT going to buy anything else. But . . . . okay, there was a great quilt on the wall that had these wonderful fabrics that I had already spied when she was having her major after the wreck sale. I wanted them then, but wouldn't let myself even touch them. Okay, that's a lie. I touched a little bit, but I didn't pull them off the rack and audition them. I was already doing that with the sale fabrics. I told myself, that I could look at the FQ's and see if I still liked them. Silly me. Of course I would like them. There were no fat quarters. boo, hoo. I still wanted some and there was less than half of the bolt left of the majority of these fabrics. I knew if I didn't get some now, it wouldn't be there in a couple of months when I go back. So, of course, I pulled out the bolts and auditioned the fabrics. (Audition: to lay the bolts horizontally across the top of the rack of fabrics to see which ones go together better. Pull some out, put some back. Pull some others out, etc. until I have the perfect mix.) I got a half yard of most of the fabrics and a yard and a half of the main fabric. I have them all fanned out below.

There is a totally cool and retro feel to most of these fabrics. I loved the tulip line drawing fabric so I got every one of those that she had. When I got home and laid them out, I found a fabric I have in the store that is dark brown and has light blue flowers on it. It goes perfect with these. I think I will also add in some more red - possibly. I might use that red as a zinger border instead. I will have to see what they fabrics say when I get around to using them.

More you say? Okay, more. I had this weird dream a couple of weeks ago and woke up not remembering anything except that I needed to get 10 dimple fabrics. I blew it off and thought that it was a really random dream and that I "don't need anymore fabric". About 10 hours later I was on the computer and thought, "I need 10 dimples fabrics." Those are not the easiest fabrics to find so I googled them. I found a place that was having a sale on dimple fabrics - sorry they aren't now or I would give you the link - and purchased 10 - 1/2 yard cuts of dimples. (oops, Kathy. there are 10. I was wrong earlier)

While I was there, I noticed that they were having a sale on Tina Givens fabrics. I love her fabrics so I went to look . . . well, as you know, I also purchased.

And of course, I found some others that I couldn't pass up. (yes, they were also in the sale category.) Some oranges for my orange and gray quilt and as always some pink and greens.

Whew! That's a lot of fabric. Tomorrow, I will post the cake stand blocks I made at Bee Friends today and a couple of other things I have worked on this week.

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