Sunday, July 18, 2010

title change - you'll see why - read on mcduff

One thing I didn't really think about when I started this blog was the "definition" of a blog. Okay, I really don't know the real definition, but here is what I think it might say in the dictionary: blog: a computerized diary that is open and read by the public. I have never been good at keeping a diary. I am also not good at talking about myself or sharing myself with other people. I have had a boyfriend or two tell me that I am not good at commitment. I push people away when the relationship gets "interesting". Which explains why I haven't gotten married. I am an introvert. There, I said it. Most of my friends already know it, but I have said it out loud for everyone else to know. It's the Scottish in me. I would much rather stay at home than go out - anywhere. I love getting together with my friends, going out to eat, going to guild to quilt, traveling with my mom and traveling to retreats. Even hosting my own retreat. I do go out - some. The sad thing is, most of my friends would rather stay at their houses also, so we don't really go out much. We used to have monthly dinners that forced us to get out of our houses, but that has gone by the wayside because I was the only one planning it. Once I put the planning on the others they just crumbled. Actually we went for a couple of months before crumbling but I couldn't make those dinners due to other commitments. (hey there, I do commit to some things) Being an introvert and being kind of shy (unless I really force myself to be more open and friendly) makes me look kind of snobbish and rude. I was going to say that I really am not rude, but yes, like everyone else, I can be rude when push comes to shove. However, I am not rude the majority of the time, just unsure of the situation and shy.

This is totally not what I was going to blog about tonight. I was going to talk about these cute bags I made, but I guess I will keep them for tomorrows blog since it it getting late and I need to get to bed early for once.

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