Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two for the price of one

Okay, since it has been a couple days since my last post, you get two today.

Thursday I went to Sam's to see what they had in their book aisle. I only had one more book from the library to finish reading and truly had only about 50 pages left of that one, I knew I needed to have something else on hand. Actually, in the book from the library, her husband was dying of cancer, I was crying and I knew I couldn't take that one to volleyball with me that night so off to Sam's to get a fun, laugh out loud (which this library book started out as) one that I could read when I got bored at the desk. While I was there I wandered through the electronic department on my way to the books and there, waiting for me to find was the Garmin Nuvi 1350. It was only about $120 and since I hadn't spent much if any of my tax refund, I thought to myself (what a wonderful world) no, that wasn't it. I thought to myself, hey, you need one of those! Luckily for me I said no and strolled over to the book aisle. Usually no one is there but me and I get to look to my hearts content and peruse all the books and magazines in a timely fashion. Not on Thursday. I don't know what was in the air, but the book aisle was crowded. I had to read over people's shoulders and maneuver my cart around their carts. I even went to the other side to escape them, but no, they came with me! Finally I found three books that I hadn't read that sounded interesting and decided to roam and meander my way to the checkout stand. I ran into one of my former student's sister and we stood and talked for 30 minutes or so finding out about the family and how everything was going in her and her sisters lives. (a couple of deaths the past years, but they were holding up and doing good) When I went on my merry way to the checkout stand, my head just said - "go for it" and off I went, back to the electronics department. My Nuvi didn't come with a case like my mom's did. So on Friday, I made me a case for my newest travel companion. It took me awhile and some ripping out to figure out how I wanted to do the side gussets, but I think it turned out great. (at first I thought I wanted to bind the edges which meant that the seams all needed to be on the outside.
This got really complicated, which resulted in the ripping out part) I still need to put a button and loop on the top or some Velcro or something to hold it closed when I store my Nuvi in there, but I will do that tomorrow or later today. I may even make another one that is quilted and not made on timtex type stuff. Even though I think the timtex will give it more protection than just the quilted one will. However, I will have to just make one and see what the difference will be.

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