Friday, July 2, 2010

Hooray for batteries!

Okay, I spoke too soon. I took a picture Wednesday of what I am currently working on, but couldn't upload it to the computer because my batter was going dead and it wouldn't keep the camera on long enough to download the picture to the computer. So, today, I went and bought some more batteries. I put the fresh batteries in the camera, turned it on, downloaded the pictures, shut off the camera and unplugged it from the computer and went to look at the downloaded photos. Huh? Not all the photos downloaded! Okay, no problem since I have new batteries right? WRONG! Now, my camera is playing dead. No matter which combination of the 8 new batteries I have tried in my camera it is simply not turning on. It has done this before which is when I purchased my second camera. But this one is my favorite to use. Of course. Isn't that the way it goes? I will let it rest until tomorrow or later tonight and see if it wants to turn back on. In the meantime, I will show you a picture of an older quilt I made. My cousin got on facebook and wanted, no wait that wasn't the right tone, demanded that I put my quilts on facebook. So, to please her and several other requests I have received, I changed my profile picture to one of my quilts.

This quilt was made as a name challenge with my quilt group. The rules of the challenges were that you could only use colors in your quilt that started with the same three letters of your given first name. My first three letters are N A T. The colors I chose for my quilt are Navy, Ambrosia and Teal. It is hand quilted with pink pearl cotton in sweeps that come off the tips of the pinwheels to help show the motion of them twirling in the wind. This challenge was so much fun we decided to do another challenge, but you couldn't do one for yourself, it had to be for someone else in the group. We drew names from the hat and I drew Nancy. Since her name was so similar to mine, I had to come up with other colors to do her quilt. I chose Newt (green), Ash (gray) and Naval blue. (okay, yes it is a form of Navy, but I really thought the blue was needed in this quilt and didn't want the dark Navy I used)

Sorry about the picture quality. Our quilt group, Bee Friends, was the feature group at the Ogallalla Quilter's Society quilt show in 2009 and we displayed some of our quilts we had made from challenges, retreats and mystery quilts. Prior to this time in my life I have not been real good about photographing my quilts. Sometimes if I need a picture of them to send to my mother or something I would take them up to school and have one of my students hold them up so I could photograph them. I have even given a stack of tops/quilts and my camera to a group of students and had them go out in the hall and take pictures of the quilts. I have a few of those pics saved on my computer and unfortunately they may show up here on my blog at one time so be prepared.

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