Monday, July 5, 2010

Vacation Time in Here

Even though I have been off work for about 5 weeks now, I haven't really treated any of it as a "vacation" until this weekend. I have gotten up late (9:30/10:00) the last couple of mornings and just puttered around. I did manage to go to the grocery store and have even gotten some work done on a quilt. However, I feel like I have been really, really lazy. It's a great feeling, don't ge me wrong. I just feel like, now that I have "vacationed" for about 48 hours, a slug. I haven't been a slug, aka laying on the couch and vegging. I normally do that when I come home from work during the school year. Like I said, I have actually gotten some stuff done. I guess I feel like I am on vacation because I haven't done any laundry or dishes and both of those things need to get done soon. Maybe tomorrow since today I am still on "vacation."

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